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Melissa Rodrigues

GS Artists are delighted to announce that our next Artist at Work,  from 17th July- 18th Sept, 2021 will be Melissa Rodrigues, a Swansea-based artist, who was born in Guinea Bissau and trained at UWTSD Swansea College of Art . 

Rodrigues works with various mediums and materials, painting, stencil printing, and photography. Fabric playing a special role in more recent work, due to its complex entanglement with themes present in the work, such as culture, history, identity, colonialism, power dynamics and one’s sense of self,  particularly concerning ethnic origin.

The ‘Artist At Work’ opportunity offers supported use of the gallery to create and exhibit new work. It was devised initially to make use of the gallery between shows,  commencing unofficially, then became part of the program, with Craig Wood in January 2017,  Via social media and events we follow the journey, and The ‘outcome’ of the process has concluded with events, films, talks, publications & discussions, & exhibitions. This opportunity launched in 2017 with Craig Wood, has included; Cecile Johnson Soliz, Rose Davies, Joan Jones, Tim Davies, Sarah Poland, Owen Griffiths, Melissa Rodrigues & Heledd Evans.

Melissa says of the opportunity: 

For this residency my focus will be in exploring culture having into account geographic and historical aspects of a specific fabric, wax print, also known as (African print fabric), as well as a traditional and locally hand-made fabric from Guinea Bissau called (Panu di pinti).

My purpose will be to creatively reflect about myself as cultural being and identify figures, words, or symbols that resonate with me culturally. Fabric holds the special power of connecting people and latitudes as distant as Kenia and Scotland or Indonesia and Ghana, all due to its massive political, economic, and central importance.

This residency is a great opportunity for me, being an artist, who is a recent mother and will have the possibility to work at GS Artist Swansea with my nine months old baby for the entire duration of the residency. 

This will allow for more time to be productive and create new artwork resting assured that my baby is in a safe environment, and I simultaneously have  enough time to focus , reflect and produce work.