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Rufus Mufusa Tri(ger) Warning(s)



“Chanelling the spirit of Gil Scott-Heron and Stevie Wonder and many other besides, the fantastic Rufus Mufasa and an exclusive of Caerdydd (originally City Boy) from her forthcoming album Tri(ger) Warning(s) which has an exhibition currently at GS Artists, a prelude and in-depth exploration that steer the album, and sounds absolutely fascinating, all in preparation for the Chapter Arts Launch, which sounds incredible” Adam Walton

Thank you to everyone who came to our recent opening, and a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Rufus for your energy commitment and infectious enthusiasm and to all the artists, many who came and performed for us, (copies of the work performed below). Special thanks to Anja Stenina and Angel A Karadog for helping us make this happen. 

Open Tuesday 20th February-Friday 23rd,  12-4pm.

Diolch i bawb a ddaeth i’n hagoriad diweddar, a DIOLCH YN FAWR IAWN i Rufus am eich ymrwymiad egni a’ch brwdfrydedd heintus ac i’r holl artistiaid, llawer a ddaeth i berfformio i ni, (copïau o’r gwaith a berfformiwyd isod). Diolch arbennig i Anja Stenina ac Angel A Karadog am ein helpu i wireddu hyn.

Ar agor Dydd Mawrth 20 Chwefror – Dydd Gwener 23ain, 12-4pm.

Works performed by Zoe Murphy and Lynne Bebb


I’ll teach you to accept who you are

I’ll teach you how to stand tall. 

I’ll teach you to ask for what you deserve, I’ll show you, you are worth more

I’ll tell you to love whoever you choose

I’ll tell you to decide on your own cues 

I’ll teach you to leave, I’ll teach you to be, I’ll show you to explore every possibility. 

I’ll tell you to use your own voice, I’ll tell you not to stay for the sake. 

Your choice, is your choice, it’s your choice

I’ll tell you to get rid of the ones on the take. 

I’ll explicitly state,

‘You don’t have to apologise, all of the time.’ 

I’ll whisper softly ‘You’re doing alright.’

I’ll tell you to smile, you are worthwhile, live your life in your own style. 

Not everyone is going to like you, you aren’t going to be the world’s best friend But all that matters, is that you’re you in the end

Zoe Murphy 


Am I ready that’s the quandary 

To savour the fruits of resurrection 

Gamble boldly with new found conviction

Yelling, kicking, screaming

For recognition reaching, pleading

Or will I retreat deflated  dejected, rejected

Draw back into my snail shell of anonymity 

In the shadows bound for eternity

Afraid to reveal my true identity

Detached forever from reality 

Approach my dear and do not fear

The embers of a withered life

Grown old and cold

You can revive, you will survive

For I am Pair Dadeni

Open yourself and blissfully bathe

Drown in my clear healing waters

I promise rebirth, a fresh beginning

A precious new chance for living 

Dear one have faith, draw near

Paper sculpture, torn, crushed, crumpled, shaped

Abandoned remnants of played out stories

Images faded from distant memory

Recycled and gifted with brand new relevance

Defeating oblivion through the act of making

Alive with meaning reinvented

Defying the odds

Engaging perception

Naming the creation Atgyfodiad

Imagination has triumphed

Lynne Bebb