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SOUP TALKS Part One. Simon Periton’s talks ‘Your War, My Love’ ‘Soup Talk’ with Tim Davies.

Tim and Simon have been brought together in a form of artistic matchmaking. GS Artists have invited the artists to exchange studio visits as part of this ongoing process and have provided recording equipment, for either a podcast or a transcribed conversation (to be edited at their discretion). This inaugural talk is part of a planned series, part two (the return match) will take place in Spring 2019, when Simon will return to interview Tim, after his “Artist At Work’ residency at the gallery. Before settling down, we will invite the audience to venture out to Kings Lane, to look at Simon’s wall painting ‘Seersucker’ (below) that he has created. Further Soup Talks are planned, the next being between Craig Wood and Fiona Banner when she returns to Swansea to create a new wall piece in Kings Lane. Each event will begin with a meal, in this case, a Sunday brunch, then we settle for conversation. The event is free but ticketed – follow the link here. This event has been very kindly supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

poster tim and simon