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Jamie Reid


This hand printed and painted watercolour piece is playful and  full of references. Reid says that “the Hare is the Trickster, the Free Thinker… and is a specific reference to  Beuys. The moon is female. The primary colours are also a nod to the Bauhaus and Kandinsky’s Colour Theory”.

Jamie Reid  (born 1947) is an English artist and anarchist.  His longstanding practice as an artist sits firmly within a tradition of English radical dissent that would include, for example, William Blake, Wat Tyler and Gerard Winstanley. Like them the work of dissent must offer, out of necessity, other social and spiritual models and Reid’s practice is no exception.

Although Reid is known primarily for deployment of Situationist strategies in his iconic work for The Sex Pistols and Suburban Press, the manifold strands of his art continues showing us other ways in which we can mobilise our energy and spirituality. It is this dialectic between gnosticism and dissent that lies at the heart of Reid’s practice and makes him one of the great English iconoclastic artists.