Tuesday, 4 August 2020 from 18:30-19:45
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Every Wednesday – 6pm

Yoga collective – £5 per person.

Yoga Collective –
Every Wednesday Night – 6 pm

£5 per person.
6 Sessions for £25.

Introducing Jane, founder of the Yoga Collective.

“I found my self in yoga classes trying to step out from the stress of the Art world, and it became my secret weapon for life. With 15 years of yoga experience, I’m a self-declared yoga tart having tried out a huge range of classes, ranging from Sivananda in South Indian Ashram, to Ashtanga and Strong Hatha, with a range of amazing teachers. In 2009 I completed a yoga teacher training at Triyoga in London, and very recently a 200-hour Ashtanga Modified Primary Series with the excellent Jamie Blowers.
I’ve picked out the elements that resonated to create my own classes. Not exactly a size ten, and with some limited range I have always championed classes for all. My classes will be hard working with a huge amount of attention to why and how to inhabit postures, also a bit of cheek. Welcome! Wednesdays at 6 pm.