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Abigail Fallis



Abigail has created this collage of hand sewn felt laid on top on an intricate, intriguing  photo-montage. She says of the work ”  When I look at the human heart separated from the body, its almost incomprehensible that this alien like organ, keeps ones body functioning.  Leonardo Da Vinci intricately studied the human heart and understood its workings as one of the most refined pumps in existence.   Life really is a “game of chance”, “the luck of the draw”, and we all hope and pray that we’re holding a high card” But for how long.

Fallis was born in East London, England in 1968. She works mostly in sculpture and Print, and first came to public attention with her sardonic ‘underwear works’. This framed series of Stitched men’s ‘Y-fronts’ played on the UK’s ‘Cool Britannia’ reputation, presenting the British flag and other symbols of nationhood in stitched-on images and subverted text. Fallis is fundamentally interested in topical issues that affect our daily lives and often deploys a double-edged sense of humour to deliver her ideas. Fallis experiments widely with materials ranging from silver and bronze to textiles and papier-mâché, fish skeletons and shopping trollies. Her works combine an unconventional beauty with subtle comments on issues that trouble her.