Yoga Classes @ GS Artists

undefined The Yoga classes are taught by Galerie Simpson Artists Director Jane Simpson, who says, “My relationship with yoga is long and varied. I found myself in yoga classes to step out from stress and it has become my secret weapon for life! With nearly 20 years of experience since I first nervously stepped onto a mat, I’ve become a self -declared yoga tart having tried out a huge range of classes, from Sivananda in a South Indian Ashram, to Astanga& Hatha with a large range of teachers in Europe & USA. In 2009, I completed a British Wheel of Yoga teacher training at Triyoga in London, it was part time over 2 years and part of the course included beginning to teach classes. More recently I completed a 200 hour Modified Ashtanga course with the excellent Jamie Blowers. Over the years, I’ve picked out the elements that resonated with me to create my own classes. Not exactly a size 10 and with some limited range I have always championed classes for all. My classes will be hard working with a lot of attention on why and how to inhabit postures, with a certain an amount of cheek. Please don’t worry if you think you lack flexibility, believe me we will find your strengths and work on your weaknesses, and variations are offered within the postures. At the moment we have one regular class a week, 6 pm on a Wednesday.

If you are interested in joining us, email me: and remember I proudly claim that “My classes are for open for Everyone and Everybody! “