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GS Artists working with Fusion Swansea have initiated a new community focused project.

Teaming up with our neighbours Volcano Theatre we devised an open submission project that culminated in an event and exhibition. The idea was to offer an opportunity to exhibit and display works, to a creative community that might never have been inside a gallery before. This was the challenge set to us by Fusion, to reach parts of the community that other open submission shows might not. After much debate the name 9to90 Creative Community arrived, with its own website. Using our combined contacts and social media we spread the word. Categories of Painting and Drawing (with an adult and young person prize), Craft, Photography, Written Prose, Cake Baking, and Paint a Portrait of Peter Blake. We were overwhelmed with over 200 entries! A hard task for our amazing judges 🎖🏆 The craft judge was Tasha Middleton of Sew Swansea, Photography chosen by Johan Butenschøn Skre, and the painting was judged by Professor Catrin Webster. The prose/poetry was chosen by Jeff Towns, and the cakes by Rhian Daniel of Raspberry Cakery. Sir Peter Blake of course judged the portraits of himself 🤷‍♂️. The afternoon kicked off with free creative workshops in both Volcano and GS Artists. Add cakes, a local choir and spoken word performers and you have a truly creative party! The feedback suggests that many of the exhibitors hadn’t shown their work ever before, and have already expressed interest in being involved in our future workshops and shows 👍.


Soup Talks

In the first of this series, Artist Tim Davies interviewed Simon Periton about his show at GS Artists. Tim questioned Simon about his exhibition & his outdoor piece ‘Seersucker‘ and his working practice, after having just recently visited Simon’s studio.  Brunch was served before the conversation kicked off. With 30 attendee’s the conversation & questions flowed. This was the first of a series of Soup Talk events which are very kindly supported by Arts Council Wales. Part Two (The Return Match) is in Feb, when Simon Periton returns to Swansea to interview Tim Davies about his GS Artists ‘Artist At Work’ residency. With thanks to Anja Steinina for her work on the filming.


Simon Periton creates a new Public Artwork for Kings Lane, Swansea.

Using a combination of spray paint and hand & laser cut stencils, Simon has created something special for Swansea’s Kings Lane. Supported by the GS Artist Team. This will remain indefinitely and has had the approval of many of the local residents.


September 2108- introducing GS director Tomos Sparnon….

Tomos Sparnon, director and artist Liason at GS artists aims to reach out to our Welsh speaking audiences,  via such new roles that he describes here.. congratulations Tomos!

Wednesday Lunches
At GS Artists,  we ALWAYS have a decent lunch on a Wednesday. This week we slightly expanded this and invited our mentors g39 and their UNITe gang to sample our wares.  So nice to see them and look forward to seeing more of their activities in Cardiff.  They spent the day looking at the BEEP show and all the extra associated shows all over Swansea.

With thanks to Kate Mercer for her photographs