GS Artists: Jeremy Gluck

I’M FREE ALREADY, 2020, Text-based art

I conceal what I reveal

I reveal what I conceal


Brave No World, 2020
Manifesto of Nonceptual Art, 2017

Jeremy Gluck mainly works with contemporary strategies. By rejecting an objective truth and global cultural narratives, Gluck creates work in which a fascination with the clarity of content and an uncompromising attitude towards conceptual and minimal art often collides with ambiguity and concealment. The work is aloof and systematic and a cool and neutral imagery is used, obscuring a subtext speaking to process as practice.

Jeremy Gluck Axisweb



Dragons Revenge – a solo show by Jamie Reid.

GS Artists are completing their 6 month long focus on the Political in Art with a solo show of JAMIE REID‘s Political Works 1970-2020, curated with John Marchant.

Dragons Revenge

Reid (1947) is an iconoclast, anarchist, punk, hippie, shit-stirring rebel & romantic. Infamously and eternally connected with the Sex Pistols and the DIY ethic of punk, Reid grew up in suburban Croydon. After a stint as a semi – professional footballer and gardener, Reid co-founded an independent, agit-prop press group called Suburban Press, were Reid honed his skills with scalpel, glue and Xerox machine to create punchy graphics that looked as good on bedroom walls as in the papers.

Reid and McLaren knew exactly what they were doing with the Pistols. It was a smash and grab raid. It was intelligent, funny, violent and essentially Romantic. It couldn’t last, and following the untimely and ugly death of punk, Reid decamped to Paris to escape the misery. Penniless, he convinced Polydor France to buy his songs, or rather the rapidly recalled lyrics to traditional Irish rebel ballads. Returning to Brixton in time for the riots of 1981, Reid started visual work again end of the 80’s saw Reid acknowledged as an important contemporary artist, as an integral part of Iwona Blaswick and Elizabeth Sussman’s influential survey of the Situationist Internationale.

Jamie’s impromptu banner against English Heritage

Still actively and activist, throughout the 90’s Reid was engaged with protest movements – No Clause 28, Greenpeace, for the Anti-Poll Tax Alliance against, the Criminal Justice Bill, against English Heritage… From 2010, Reid has continued his involvement with important protest groups, like Occupy, Pussy Riot and most recently Extinction Rebellion. Always moving forward, always quick with a contrary opinion, and forever the free thinker, Reid is now an integral part of a wonderful community enterprise in Toxteth, called the Florence Institute. Part art space, part community kitchen, part refugee resource and part refuge, the Florrie is a manifestation of Jamie’s dearest interests. Florrie it is in this human warmth and compassion where Jamie’s greatest strengths as an artist lie, and what he wants to do more than anything is to encourage others to fulfil their potential. And that’s Punk. (John Marchant)

The Show will continue till March 1st. On Saturday February 22nd we will host a slide show and in conversation with co-collaborator, punk, historian and broadcaster Rhys Mwyn. More details on booking to come soon…

We are also celebrating this show by co-publishing a limited edition print, “Dragons Revenge” a re -worked version of his album cover for Rhys Mwyn’s band -Anhrefn. An A3 Screen Print (with hand-collage details), in an edition of 75, exquisitely produced by Rose Davies at the Swansea Print Studio. More on our website soon.

Rhythm: The Day GS Turned Dayglo!

Rhythm installation

Please join us at GS Artists on Friday January 10th at 6 pm for the opening of our next Artist at Work project. Rhythm, a solo art show by local Swansea based artist and GS intern ‘Fraser’, explores the comfort of familiarity and altered memory. Depicting universally recognised forums and disrupting the familiar via syncopated rhythms of light and sound, utilising the inherent, faint, buzz of her contemporary medium.

The show includes LED installations, box television sculpture, video, mixed media sculptures adopting everyday commonplace materials, and UV sensitive drawings.

The show continues until January 17th. Open 12-4pm everyday except Sunday.


Abigail Fraser

Abigail Fraser is a twenty-year-old Welsh artist, currently studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art at UWTSD Swansea. Fraser’s artwork is an unreliable, dreamy, psychedelic exploration of memories appertaining to previous events. Her mixed media sculptures and installations evoke a response to light on the senses, projecting a sense of self and an inquisition of reality. Frasers’ work often contains simple LED drawings of universal forms, exploring how the energy of light permanently surrounds us all in a very personal manner. Endeavoring to harness this energy and penetrate our mass consciousness through her artwork, Fraser portrays a seemingly infinite space within the gallery interpreting the inherent attraction to light and being human. In September of 2019 Fraser worked as Artist in Residence at The University of Rio Grande, Ohio.

Owen Griffiths

Owen Griffiths – Artist At Work

Owen Griffiths is the latest in our program of professional artists that use the gallery as their studio. Owen will use the space to explore alternative ways of mapping. In the gallery, he will be drawing large-scale works that connect to the wider mapping theme of Owen’s practice. This 3 week residency prepares the ground for a future large scale workshop and continued conversation later in the year.

Owen Griffiths’ social practice and research is connected to land use, urbanism, community food systems and ideas of challenging normative urban design practices. Developing democratic and equitable processes is central to his work with people and communities. He sees community land projects and alternative models of ownership as vital in our work to re-imagine the future of our cities and environments.
Griffiths studied for his MFA with Nils Norman at the radical alternative pedagogic space The School of Walls and Space at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.
He is a Creative Wales Ambassador to the Arts Council of Wales and a British Council USA Fellow, both of which have enabled him to research land use and community growing networks across USA and Europe.
Griffiths has worked with Cultural Olympiad Wales, Common Ground, National Museum Wales, Gentle/Radical, Artes Mundi, Swansea Asylum Seekers Group, Trevallis Homes, Valleys Kids, British Council USA, Natural Resources Wales, National Trust, PEAK Cymru, HMP Prisons Services, Arts Council Wales, Social Sculpture Research Unit, Engage Cymru, Design Commission for Wales, Wales Arts International.
Griffiths also works as a consultant and as a workshop leader/facilitator for culture/heritage organisations across the UK.
He is a member of Scandinavian based research collectives ATB and Office in Bed.

Tim Davies Show

Tim Davies -Artist at Work.

GS Artists are delighted to be hosting the latest in our series of ‘Artist At Work’ residencies. Tim Davies is occupying 217 High Street and creating a new series of works. The residency recognizes the difficulty for professional artists to create new experimental works and so offers the surroundings of the gallery, 24/7 access and the support of the GS team, over a period of 6~8 weeks.

Tim is working on a series entitled ‘Survival is not a crime’ He’s says about the plans for the space – “A few years ago I made a work called “Figures” (One year to heaven) which was a written description of all the photographs used in a broad sheet paper for a whole year. This was done daily from August the 17th of one year to August the 17th of the next and from front page to back (missing out retrospective moments as found in obituaries etc).

I saw this as an alternative portrait of that time – as reliable or unreliable as any other means. I accepted that it was my reading of the images and that it would  vary from person to person – as many times as the image was read (accepting also that the image was ‘taken’ and then selected by another) – but it was a way to witness humans (figures) in various circumstances and their responses to them from global to local and from the banal to the traumatic. This I understood as not just an observation of others but a reflection of ourselves(members of the human race) through a means of empathy or at least an invitation to empathize if at all possible and at whatever level.

By removing the image and describing the scene in words the emphasis was less on the pictorial and more on the figurative, although of course site provides context and so would be noted when relevant.  Occasionally too I would note the words they may have said to a journalist, been overheard or placed on a placard.

These words or quotes I have been looking at more closely for this project – working title ‘Survival is Not a Crime’. This time I have extended my search into online media.  This is an especially disturbing time as the gap between the haves and the have-nots, truth and untruths has widened. I’m collecting the voices of dismay and disbelief”

The residency culminates with the Second Soup Talk on February the 17th…more details tbc…

Tim Davies, is one of Wales’s leading artists, he is primarily an installation artist whose work often derives from environmental or political concerns, working in a range of different materials, including film found imagery and sculpture. He was born and brought up in west Wales. After working and studying in London, Norwich and Canterbury he returned to Wales in 1994. He lives and works in Swansea.

 Much of his work involves meticulous, repetitive and time-consuming actions. Pristine, orderly formalism is evident from early work through to more recent video installations, but the end result is often beguilingly simple, minimal and aesthetically beautiful. The labour-intensive process undertaken by Davies speaks loudly with a quiet voice.Winner of the Mostyn Open Prize in 1997 and the National Eisteddfod Fine Art Gold Medal in 2003, he has exhibited extensively including the UK, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, Australia and central America. including ; 2013 Drift National Museum Wales, Cardiff, 2012 In and Amongst Fold Gallery, London, 2011 Tim Davies – Wales at Venice 54th Venice Biennale, 2010 Year to Heaven Chapter, Cardiff, 2010 Seeriad/Series Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia, 2009 Between a rock and a hard place Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea, 2009 Kilkenny Shift Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland.

Soup Talk-Tim Davies in conversation with Simon Periton