Selection Box

The selection box is an instant art collection that contains artwork form some of the biggest names in the British Art World, all of which have been created especially to help support our Swansea gallery. Each box holds 18 pieces of artwork all signed by the artist and that focus on the handmade detail. The production methods range from watercolours, lino cuts, wood block and silkscreen, to gold-plated sculptures, cast resin, vegetable prints, photo college and digital prints. All of this is housed within a beautifully finished wooden box.


We officially opened in July 2014. Aided by a small team of artists who have helped steer this project, we already have a series of successful shows under our belt. Our aim has been to exhibit a very wide range of artist, at all stages of a career. GS Artists is now a not for profit project, working with both local and international artists. In order to support the gallery development in the spirit of our DIY approach, we have devised this box. Ultimately a great investment, this also has the added bonus of benefiting a non-profit art space.


Fiona Banner, Sir Peter Blake, Angela de la Cruz, Abigail Fallis, Tom Gidley, Georgie Hopton, Rachel Howard, Des Hughes, Gary Hume, Catrin

Saran James, Michael Landy, Simon Periton, Jamie Reid, Jane Simpson, Sarah Staton, Gavin Turk, Rachel Whiteread & Clare Woods.

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