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Sarah Staton


Staton has made us some money…  A beautiful digital print, embellished with a silk screen gold coin.  She that the work- “¥ € £ $ and  ₹; is a repeat motif created from these overlaid global currency symbols. The Esperanto of Currency was created for a recent exhibition of the same name, offering a topical riposte to current debates on global markets, stretched economies and siphoned hyper-wealth.  For Galerie Simpson a golden Bit Coin is gloriously embossed over this net of interlocked nation specific currency.

Staton was born in 1961 in London.  After studying at St Martins College of Art, she co-founded Milch Gallery, the first of many collaborative artists  initiatives, that include SupaStore, THE SCHTIP and most recently Pea Proposals.  Within her commissions and studio work Staton uses materials’ affective dimension – their ability to trigger associations and psychological responses – to supplement the established modernist coupling of form and function with a third term, feeling – an important but elusive texture for public art and urban design.Through ‘threshold sculptures’ which are simultaneously formal and functional, aesthetic and utilitarian, her off modern practice questions how design and the specific haptic properties of materials can dynamise site and experience.