April 27th – May 26th


5 Swansea School of Art current and past students have come together, working within the gallery to create new painting, drawing, film and sculptural works. All the artists somehow explore the human condition in modern times:

Claire Annabel Francis explores the interaction of human form with nature and its innocence.

Myles Mansfield uses collage and paint to make statements about historical aspects of buildings to interpret their chronological position in our environment.

Tomos Sparnon explores the human body and uses the past to create a contemporary figure.

Scott Mackenzie explores Welsh identity within his sculptural work, playing with notions of stereotypes and cliches.

Anja Stenina questions concepts of free will and fate and investigates patterns in cultural tropes and everyday situations.



Anja Stenina, Tomos Sparnon, Scott Mackenzie, Myles Mansfield, Claire Annabel Francis